Decorating on a Budget? Use Old Prints

w-decor Redecorating doesn't have to cost a fortune. You don't have to buy new furniture or even repaint. It's possible to change the ambience of a room simply by changing the art on the walls. Transforming the mood of a room with art doesn't require a trip to a Sotheby's auction or even buying original artwork. Old prints, such as those from magazines and [...]

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How to do a effective Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning Brisbane or end of lease cleaning is something which the property manager asks for when your lease ends and you are about to move out. Without a proper cleaning [...]

The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning fever has hit us. The weather is getting warm, our energy is skyrocketing, and we're ready to get our homes clean and organized! This Best Spring Cleaning [...]

Helpful tips for Cleaning Windows

Helpful tips for Cleaning Windows Anywhere you look there are windows. Windows may appear to be clean but when the sun shines on them we get the true picture. Every small [...]